Who’s The Girl Behind This Blog?

Hello! ^^ 

First of all, lemme introduce myself.

My name is Anindita Ayu Prastiwi. Please call me Dita or Anin.. ^^

I’m graduated from Informatic Engineering Department, University of Bengkulu. It’s a long journey to get my ‘Sarjana Teknik’!

I really love books, movies, hello kitty, pink, also Korean and Japanese things. A big fan of Demi Lovato and CNBlue. And oh, do not forget that I love to travel to some new places.
I REALLLYYY wanna be an editor, or a writer. And for now, I wanna live the life to the fullest.

You can call me a book freak. Or nerd, bookworm, book eater, whatever you named it. Engaged with language. 

Admin of LUNAR-Luna Torashyngu Fans Club in facebook, since 2010.

Currently, I’m in love with skincare. I have a very sensitive face, so I’m still fighting with the acne scars *sigh*.

In this blog, you can find book reviews, movie reviews, travel stories, poetry, short stories, even my ‘coretan-coretan tidak jelas’ ^^.

Until now I’m still beginner in English (I’m learning English from some movies and stories XP), so please understand if there is any incorrect grammar… ^^

Feel free to contact me on:




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