Known as the “Botanical Arts City”, St Albert has many beautiful gardens and outdoor attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. The name comes from the strong connection its residents have with the natural environment and outdoor life. Here are four attractions and points of interest for your next visit to St Albert, Canada. 



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4 Attractions That Explain Why St Albert is The “Botanical Arts City”




St Albert Botanical Park


The St Albert Botanical Park is a beautiful five acre garden composed of smaller specific gardens, each with its own focus and arrangement. The park was conceived and is operated by a group of volunteers with a love for horticulture. Walking the many pathways you’ll come across rose gardens, shade gardens, and various others that mix in flowering trees, evergreens, and cottage-style perennials, among others. Whether you’re there to simply take in the beauty or you want to learn more about the flora on display, it’s worth spending a few hours walking around the park.

This park is free to the public but donations are welcomed, as this is a primary source of funding. Weddings and special ceremonies are also allowed on the grounds, however reservations are required.


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Asiatic Lilies at St Albert Botanical Park




Healing Garden


Opened on September 15, 2017, the Healing Garden is an effort to recognize the truth regarding the area’s tragic history with Indian Residential Schools, and start a process of healing. City officials have been working with Indigenous partners in an effort to gather and document historical facts, address the issues, and present the information in a truthful and respectful manner.

The garden is the first of its kind in Canada and is just one of many steps being taken by local officials to rebuild relationships with the region’s Indigenous community. Visitors can come to the Healing Garden to learn the history and cultural teachings of the First Nations peoples and gain greater awareness as a community. Visitors are encouraged to walk the grounds in reflection or find a quiet place for thoughtful prayer or meditation.



The Enjoy Centre


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you created a conference centre that also had a greenhouse and spa? Well, The Enjoy Centre turned that idea into a reality. Not only can you hold a conference in this spacious venue, but it’s a perfect opportunity to get out of the office and hold a meeting surrounded by lush greens in a relaxing environment.

The Enjoy Centre is a multi-use facility and includes a greenhouse and spa for well-being, a cafe and restaurant for dining, a bakery for purchasing fresh goods, and much more. It also features an events department so you can reserve space for a seminar or business meeting, or book the garden area for a lovely wedding or celebration.


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The Enjoy Centre




Red Willow Trail System


Spanning 99.5 kilometres, St Albert has something for every nature lover. Whether you’re looking to relax in a park, walk or hike the trails, or spend the day cycling, visitors have plenty of opportunities to take in the natural beauty of St. Albert. The trail system connects the major parks and neighbourhoods, so feel free to venture around and explore the surrounding areas. You can also tour the city looking for St Albert homes for sale if you’re looking for a new place to call home.



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