In the state of lovers, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the food is one of the best parts. Not only can you find delicious flavors in nearly any style you want, but there are dozens of cities that have their food as their claim to fame. Whether you’re making a road trip through Virginia and want to find the best places to stop, or you live here and want some new inspiration: these are the five best cities in Virginia for foodies.









5 Best Cities in Virginia for Foodies






The smallest town on this list, Abingdon, is tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains, a secret gem that offers fantastic flavors you won’t find anywhere else.  If you arrive around lunchtime, start out at The Peppermill!  This sandwich and soup spot offers delicious fresh ingredients and soft bread that pairs so well with their crispy sweet potato fries.  For dinner, check out a nearly 250-year-old spot at The  Tavern!  They have fantastic racks of lamb and delicious tastes old and new.





The original home of Thomas Jefferson, this wine and grape town understands how to mix elegance with fantastic American charm.  While you’re here, you can tour the Barboursville Vineyards, one of the oldest wineries in the country, and enjoy the gorgeous greenery and views as you take down their fantastic alcoholic beverages.  If you’re in the mood for food, check out Crozet Pizza!  This Italian-American eatery has been world-famous since it opened in 1977, slinging hot pies and delicious combinations.



virginia crozet pizza

Charlottesville crozet pizza






This city blends old and new together effortlessly, offering a chance to savor sophisticated flavors and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the area.  When you get to town, stop at Hyperion Espresso, a fun coffee place that offers delicious freshly baked goods and coffee that will get you ready for the day.  Beyond this, the entire town is full of fun, sophisticated dining spots, and quaint eateries that will keep you entertained and full.



virginia hyperion espresso

Fredericksburg hyperion espresso






Leaning into the old colonial seaport charms that much of Virginia stems from, this city on the edge of the Potomac River feels like a timeless area of delicious food and fantastic aesthetics.  The best eateries here are Vermilion, with a farm-to-table menu by reservation only, and Cheesetique, which offers countless cheese tastings that allow you to enjoy every flavor possible.  This is a charming town with delicious flavors.



virginia cheestique

Alexandria cheesetique






Arlington is world-famous for being a part of Washington D.C.: but did you know the food here is sensational?  Thanks to the large array of cultures that call the area home, you can enjoy Middle Eastern eats like Lebanese Taverna, which offers endless dishes of finger foods you can enjoy, and Barley and Mac, a southern comfort restaurant, all within the same city.  Every restaurant and bar here is so good that you’ll want to start looking at Arlington real estate on the first bite.




Virginia is for Food Lovers




If you’re desperate for good flavors and interesting combinations, consider trying any of these cities!  Each has its own flavor and style and brings something to the table that you’ll never want to live without.



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